Primary Sources: Miami

These primary source documents pertain to the Miami in Miami seminar taught by Professor Bailly of the FIU Honors College. The documents are arranged in chronological order.

Ponce de Leon, 1513
Ponce de Leon claims Florida for Spain. He also enters Biscayne Bay.

Francisco de Villareal, 1568

Treaty of Versailles 1783
Great Britain and Spain agree that Florida returns to Spain.

Dade Battle 28 December 1835
Seminoles defeat US Federal in Central Florida. There are three different accounts of the battle.

George Merrick Speech to the Miami Realty Board, 17 May 1937
“Next, it is visioned and proposed that during the next twenty years, a complete slum clearance be made, effectively removing every negro family from the present city limits.” George Merrick

Civil Rights Act 02 July 1964

Supreme Court Ruling: Florida Statute 798.05, 07 December 1964
Supreme Court rules that a Florida law banning interracial cohabitation was unconstitutional.

Miami Primary Source Documents
Miami Lecture Notes
Miami in Miami

Christian’s (TA) Primary Sources

John William Bailly  01 September 2022

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