South Beach: Timeline

1870: The Lum brothers purchased 160 acres of land in what eventually would come to be known as “South Beach.” Their initial intention was to turn it into a coconut farm.

1912: The Lummus Brothers purchased 400 acres of land in the are with the idea of developing the island. Carl Fisher arrives in Miami Beach with the intention of creating a city separate from Miami.

1914: Collins Avenue became the first paved road on Miami Beach.

1915: Lummus, Fisher, and Collins worked together to push for the Miami Beach’s incorporation and development. On March 26, 33 registered voters incorporated the Town of Miami Beach. In 1917 Miami Beach officially became a city. 

1918: The County Causeway, now known as the MacArthur Causeway, was completed to connect Miami Beach to the mainland. 

1930: A surge of construction began the Art Deco boom that would come to characterize the city. 

1941: Miami Beach became a training ground for soldiers during World War II.

1947: Law passed that banned a law the banned signs that used discriminatory language against the jewish population. 

1960: The Lincoln Road Mall was built.

1964: The Jackie Gleason Show began to be broadcasted from Miami Beach, bringing the city to national attention. 

1979: “The Miami Beach Art Deco District was listed as a historic landmark in the US National Register.”


Stephanie Sepúlveda & John William Bailly  12 April 2020

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