Deering Estate Ecosystems

The Deering Estate consists of eight (8!!!) different ecosystems: Pine Rockland, Salt Marsh, Mangroves, Submerged Sea Grass Beds, Deering Estate Flow-way, Remnant Slough, Tropical Hardwood Hammock, and Beach Dune Chicken Key.


“Tropical hardwood hammocks are one of many natural communities found in Florida, but one of the few that are characterized by tropical plants. The word “hammock” was first used by early inhabitants to mean a cool and shady place. Later, settlers of Florida used the word “hummock” to indicate areas that were slightly higher in elevation from the rest of the land. Today, the term hammock is used in Florida to describe forest habitats that are typically higher in elevation than surrounding area. Many of the trees and plants found in these habitats originated in the Caribbean Islands and are not found farther north. As a result, tropical hammocks represent one of the rarest plant communities in Florida. Both human and natural impacts have caused serious declines in these habitats, and 15,000 scattered acres of tropical forest that are mainly located in parks and preserves in South Florida and the Keys are currently listed as a threatened habitat type.” Deering Estate Natural Resources

John William Bailly 16 November 2022

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