Travel Advice: Scholarships

Over the past decade, students in FIU’s Honors College programs have been regularly awarded three scholarships. The seeking out of scholarship opportunities and the scholarship applications are entirely the individual student’s responsibility. There are opportunities beyond these three.

The three most popular scholarships are:

  1. Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program
  2. FIU Office of Study Abroad Scholarship
  3. FIU Honors College Scholarship (The 2019-2020 application is available until February 25th, 2019)

It is strongly recommended all students become familiar with FIU’s Office of Study Abroad and their website. OSA is a great resource for financial aid and general study abroad support. 


“The OSA scholarship gave me incredible peace of mind in not having to face debt when I got back home. Because this study abroad trip is a once in a lifetime opportunity, my goal was to make sure that I could not only afford necessary groceries and hygiene products, but also be able to fully enjoy my free days and nights out with my classmates. The OSA scholarship gave me the freedom I needed in order to make the most of my Italy study abroad trip.” – Nathanael Cameron

“I was very happy to receive my congratulations letter from the Gilman Scholarship office. I applied during the early decision segment (which I definitely recommend doing) and they contributed generously to my study abroad experiences. With this scholarship, I was able to focus on the education aspect of the program rather than stressing about how I was going to afford it. My Gilman project was to present information on study abroad and the available scholarships so that students from less advantaged communities or families were aware of the benefits of these programs and how they could afford the experience.” – Yahnell Judah

“I am not involved in the awarding of any scholarships. However, I strongly recommend all students apply to all options available to them. No scholarship is too small and none is to ambitious. Apply without fear of rejection. It happens. The more opportunities you apply for the higher your chances of earning a scholarship.”

This travel advice is primarily directed to students participating in Bailly’s FIU Honors College France, Italy, and Spain study abroad programs. It is intended to help twenty-somethings explore, seek adventure, and truly immerse themselves in a culture. The goals are to travel affordably, travel safely, and to live like a local. Always remember, however, that what works for some may not necessarily work for you. Ultimately, your decisions are your decisions.

Isabella Marie Garcia

AUTHOR(S) AND LAST UPDATE Stephanie Sepúlveda & John William Bailly  10 February 2019

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