Travel Advice: Housing

France students will stay at Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris ( ). Each student will have an individual dorm room for the duration of the course. When the class travels outside of Paris, students will stay in groups in hotels. CIUP includes WIFI.

Italy students will stay in groups in furnished apartments in Rome, Florence, and Venice. In Cinque Terre, the class stays in a mountain sanctuary. All locations usually provide complimentary WIFI, towels, and linens.

Spain students will be lodged in furnished apartments. All locations usually provide complimentary WIFI, towels, and linens.

Just a reminder that everything is smaller in Europe: rooms, beds, showers.

The following are the locations students lodge in France, Italy, and Spain. They are all reliable, clean, and generally close to the city center. All lodging for the duration of the program is included in the program cost.

Barcelona: Eric Vokel Gran Via

Bayeux: Hotel Reine Mathilde

Cinque Terre: Santuario Nostra Signora di Soviore

Firenze (Florence): Palazzo di Ciompi

Lyon (Lyons): Hotel des Celestins

Madrid: Eric Vokel Atocha

Roma (Rome):

Sevilla (Seville): Living Sevilla

Venezia (Venice):

However, if you are traveling independently or just happened on this page, the following are all open to for regular business, so feel free to contact them directly. You can mention that you found out about them from John Bailly of FIU Miami if you wish.

If you wish to extend your stay in Europe, you have the choice between renting an apartment and staying in a hotel. If you prefer a hotel (better for stays of 1-2 days), there are several affordable, clean option throughout Europe.

“If a few of you will travel together in France, Italy, or other European countries, I suggest renting an apartment. If you plan on arriving early in Rome or extending your stay in Venice, I recommend staying in the same locations. I recommend the same thing for arriving early in Madrid or staying longer in Barcelona.”

This travel advice is primarily directed to students participating in Professor Bailly’s FIU Honors College EspañaFrance, and Italia, Study Abroad programs. It is intended to help twenty-somethings explore, seek adventure, and truly immerse themselves in a culture. The goals are to travel affordably, travel safely, and live like a local. Always remember,  however, that what works for some, may not necessarily work for you. Ultimately, your decisions are your decisions.

Stephanie Sepúlveda & John William Bailly  
09 February 2019

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