Travel Advice: Budget

Expenses while abroad vary greatly from student to student. The largest expense abroad is food. Students that prepare food for themselves will spend much less money than students that eat out. However, students should certainly not miss the pleasure of exploring restaurants. A balance between eating at home and out should be found.

FIU Honors College student Isabel Brime kept a detailed expense report for one person on France Study Abroad in July 2022. France Study Abroad Expenses 2022.

One student chose to keep a detailed expense report for TWO people on Spain Study Abroad 2017. Review their expenses here: Spain Study Abroad Expenses.

One student kept a detailed expense report for TWO people on Spain Study Abroad 2017. This  works out to €800 per person for three weeks, or approximately €275 per person a week. This is roughly comparable to France and Italy.  Review their expenses here: Spain Study Abroad Expenses 2017.

“This varies incredibly from student to student. My only suggestions would be:
1. Be aware of your expenses, but don’t be cheap. You never know when you’ll be in Europe again.
2. Shopping for groceries instead of eating out is the biggest saver of funds (but still budget for going out sometimes).
3. Due to our travels and you being students, this is not the trip to buy souvenirs. Your experiences and memories are what you’ll take back.”

This travel advice is primarily directed to students participating in Professor Bailly’s FIU Honors College EspañaFrance, and Italia, Study Abroad programs. It is intended to help twenty-somethings explore, seek adventure, and truly immerse themselves in a culture. The goals are to travel affordably, travel safely, and live like a local. Always remember,  however, that what works for some, may not necessarily work for you. Ultimately, your decisions are your decisions.

John William Bailly  09 February 2019

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