All my life in Spain. I will stay

Paz Vega


Sitges is a town located southwest of Barcelona. It is worldwide known for its Film Festival and Carnival. The economy of Sitges nowadays is mainly based on tourism, as the place is known for its beaches, nightspots, and historical sites.


The name of this city comes from sitja (Catalan-an underground deposit to store grain). In medieval times, its location between Tarragona and Barcelona made Stiges an important part of history, being attacked for years by pirates. Nowadays Sitges is a beautiful coastal town with its economy being mainly based on its beaches. It is an openly friendly LGBT atmosphere.


  1. Museum Cau Ferrat

This museum was once the house of the artist Santiago Rusinol. Once he died, the house remained open to the public as a museum, where people can see his artwork.

2. Passeig Maritim

3. Sitges Carnival

Famous for its bold dress costumes and wild after hours, Sitges carnivals are widely known for being one of the brightest carnivals along the Catalan coastline.

4. Casa Bacardi

5. Garraf natural park

6. Sitges Film Festival

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