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For details on Italia study abroad program costs, dates, and registration details, please visit the FIU Honors College website and the FIU Office of Education Abroad website.

FIU Honors College Italia Study Abroad:

Italia 2022 of the FIU Honors College doing the Passeggiata. (Photo by Hannah Singh/CC BY 4.0)

Roma, Tivoli, Pompeii, Assisi, Firenze, Pisa, Siena, Cinque Terre, and Venezia – an Honors College seminar taught on location in the most historic and awe-inspiring destinations in Italy. “Italia: Grand Tour” is built on the premise that understanding our past enables us to understand our contemporary selves. This interdisciplinary course examines the cultural legacy of classical antiquity and the Renaissance and the influence of these eras on the contemporary world. The seminar reconstructs the traditional 18th century Grand Tour.

Professor Bailly of FIU lectures in Piazza di Campo in Siena. (Photo by Nicole Patrick/CC BY 4.0)

Know your professor! Professor Bailly is dual French and US citizen. He holds an MFA in Painting and Printmaking from Yale University. Read more about Bailly here.

Hayden Anderson and Monica Barletta of the FIU Honors College in the Roma Housing. (Photo by Nicole Patrick/CC BY 4.0)

The FIU program rents fully furnished apartments in Roma and Firenze. In Venezia the program stays in a hotel. In Cinque Terre we stay in a mountain sanctuary that, honestly, just feels like a dream.

Janelle Duchaine of the FIU Honors College in the Colosseo. (Phot by JW Bailly/CC BY 4.0)

The roads of the history of Europe and the US lead back to Roma. Over FIU’s fourteen (14!) days in Roma, you’ll explore the monuments, culture, and streets of the eternal city. There’s nothing like it. More about Roma here.

Juliana Gorina of the FIU Honors College on top of the Duomo of Firenze. (Photo by JW Bailly/CC BY 4.0)

Firenze was the setting for what must be considered the most radical philosophical societal transformation—the Renaissance. Over one week, you’ll stay in the heart of the city, discovering the masterpieces of the Renaissance and their lasting legacy. With the abundant presence of US study abroad students, Firenze has more of a feeling of a college town than any other city in Italy. More about Firenze here.

Janelle Duchaine and Ashley Moreno of the FIU Honors College in Cinque Terre. (Photo by JW Bailly/CC BY 4.0)

FIU’s Italy study abroad includes the infamous/amazing Cinque Terre hike, an 8-hour walk along the Ligurian coast on a UNESCO World Heritage site trail. We walk up, we walk down the mountains, and swim along the way. More about Cinque Terre here.

Yahnell Judah of the FIU Honors College at the Rialto Bridge (Photo by JW Bailly/CC BY 4.0)

The FIU Italia journey ends with four days in Venezia, the city on water. There is no city anywhere that is comparable to Venezia, with it’s bridges, gondolas, and seafood. You will stay in a hotel in the heart of the city, a truly unique opportunity.

Derick Plazaola of the FIU Honors College in Mercato di Testaccio (Photo by JW Bailly/CC BY 4.0)

Professor Bailly is completely addicted to Italian food. Italy has embraced the slow food movement to counter the debacle of fast food. Italy cherishes the quality of produce and the preservation of regional cuisine. The pizza is pretty good too.

Yunchul Kim at La Biennale de Venezia in 2022. (Photo by JW Bailly/CC BY 4.0)

Every year Venezia hosts a Biennale, either art or architecture. Both events see the most avant-garde trends in the arts invade and enrich the city. Although the main Biennales charge an admission fee, many exhibitions throughout the city are completely free.

A friend and Ashley Moreno of the FIU Honors College on Appia Antica. (Photo by JW Bailly/CC By 4.0)

Spending a month in Italia provides you with the opportunity to profoundly immerse yourself in the true country. You will live and experience Italia in a genuine manner that most people only dream of.

All photos are by students of the FIU Honors College or Professor Bailly. All photos are CC BY 4.0. You are free to share or adapt the photos as long as you give appropriate credit. Learn more on Bailly’s Image Rights and Usage.

John William Bailly  10 January 2023

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