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For details on France study abroad program costs, dates, and registration details, please visit the FIU Honors College website and the FIU Office of Education Abroad website.

FIU Honors College France Study Abroad:

France: Art, War, & Human Rights. From great conflict comes great change. This interdisciplinary course examines France’s dramatic political, intellectual, and cultural conflicts. Students will experience French history firsthand, from the Roman conquest of Gaul to the Allied landing on the beaches of Normandy, by way of the intellectual battles of the Enlightenment and the artistic revolution of the 19th century.

Bailly Walking Lecture in Paris. (Photo by Nicole Patrick/CC BY 4.0)

Know your professor! Professor Bailly is dual French and US citizen. He holds an MFA in Painting and Printmaking from Yale University. Read more about Bailly here.

FIU Honors College students lodge at CIUP. (Photo by JW Bailly/CC BY 4.0)

Each FIU student will have an individual dorm room in Paris for a month. We stay at the Cite Internationale Universitaire de Paris. In Lyon and Bayeux, we lodge at Hotel des Celestins and Hotel Reine Mathilde.

France 2022 of the FIU Honors College on top of the Tour Eiffel. (Photo by JW Bailly/CC BY 4.0)

Paris is the number one tourist destination in the world. Over the course of one month, students will discover the famous monuments, as well as the obscure magical streets of the French capital.

Vieux Lyon on the River Saone. (Photo by JW Bailly/CC BY 4.0)

Lyon was the Roman capital of Gaul and is currently the culinary capital of France. History is alive on its streets. FIU France explores Lyon for three days, the city that Professor Bailly calls his second home.

Olivia Guthrie of the FIU Honors College in Normandy. (Photo by JW Bailly/CC BY 4.0)

Students will spend four days in Normandy, studying the D-Day landings of WW 2 and the Norman Conquest of Britain. We also visit the iconic Mont-Saint-Michel, the abbey on the mount, characterized by one of the most extreme tidal changes in the world.

Program Assistant Nicole Patrick in Lyon. (Photo by JW Bailly/CC BY 4.0)

Ah, La France and its cuisine: baguettes, croissants, fromage, macarons, fondue, creme brûlée, moules frites, gratin…The diversity and crazy amazingness of French food is endless.

Christopher Montejo of the FIU Honors College at Mont-Saint-Michel. (Photo by JW Bailly/CC BY 4.0)

Paris is one of the most innovative cities in the world. In the summer, Paris turns the banks of the Seine into a street festival named Paris Plages. Free concerts, yoga classes, picnic areas, pop-up bars along the the river.

Students of the FIU Honors College in the French Alps (Photo by JW Bailly/CC BY 4.0)

France study abroad features FIU study abroad’s legendary hike in the French Alps. The class hikes so high that we can see mountain ranges from Italy and Switzerland. We end the hike in a mountain refuge with a dinner of local specialties.

Marie France Désir of the FIU Honors College in the Orangerie (Photo by JW Bailly/CC BY 4.0)

When you participate in FIU France Study Abroad, you get to live in Paris for one month. After a few days, you don’t need a map anymore. After a week, you’re on a first name basis with the baker. And then you see a group of people and think to yourself, “How cute, look at those tourists.” Your transformation is complete; you have become a Parisian.

All photos are by students of the FIU Honors College or Professor Bailly. All photos are CC BY 4.0. You are free to share or adapt the photos as long as you give appropriate credit. Learn more on Bailly’s Image Rights and Usage.

John William Bailly  10 January 2023

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